ACYPI Perth | Sustainability in a China-led Globalised World

What does it mean for our economy and society in an increasingly connected world with China at its center?

Join us for a provocative panel discussion and explore the impacts of this likely future. Our expert panelists will share their views on how China's influence may bring significant changes to regional economic collaboration, corporate social responsibilities, and global humanitarian efforts. Importantly, we ask if such global impacts will eventually dissipate or are they here to stay.



The Vantage Series are events to be run by ACYPI targeted at young professionals, entrepreneurs, and academics, with a focus on Australia-China relations. Each event will provide you with an opportunity to hear from speakers on a selected topic followed by the opportunity for drinks, nibbles and networking.



Danny Ng is a Lecturer in the School of Business at Edith Cowan University of Western Australia. Danny's background covers Business in Asia (Belt and Road Initiative), International Business, logistics, and have worked across industries in both Australia and Singapore. He is also a member of the Markets and Service Research Centre at Edith Cowan University.

Monika Nagel is an organisation performance consultant and author of Fatal Cocktails. Monika has extensive knowledge in organisational psychology and corporate social responsibilities, with experiences in Asia, Australia, and Europe. She helps organisations improve their cultures, and have people feel responsible for their actions again.

Shantha Bloemen is an independent consultant with two decades of experience in international humanitarian and development assistance for UNICEF in New York, Johannesburg, and Beijing. Most recently, as Chief of Communications and Partnerships for UNICEF in China, Shantha helped initiate an innovation partnership between UNICEF and Tsinghua University and contributed to strengthening China-Africa collaboration on global health.


This event is brought to you by Australia-China Young Professionals Initiative (Perth Chapter) in partnership with the Western Australia Chinese Chambers of Commerce Inc.

Wed, 22 November 2017
18:00 - 20:00
Western Australia Chinese Chamber of Commerce 1304 Hay Street West Perth, WA 6005