ACYPI Sydney | In the spirit of Double 11, here’s an $11.11 special until 11.11am

In the spirit of Double 11, Double 11 tickets are now $11.11 until Tuesday 11.11am!

Yes, Double 11 is a cocktail party, coinciding with China’s Singles’ Day.

No… ensuring there is no disappointment, this is not a dating event… although we’d never limit the opportunity for love (ahem).

Thanks to the team at ThinkCHINA, we’re excited to invite you to celebrate China’s business ingenuity and the spirit of e-commerce! ThinkCHINA’s MD, Benjamin Sun, will join us to share about what Singles’ Day in China has become, and what it means for the Australia-China businesses and startups.

There will be cocktails, nibbles, chatime, Swisse and Thursday Plantation goodie bags.

At 11.12am Tuesday 8th November, the price reverts to $30.

Buy tickets here:

Please get in touch with Justin, Candice or Chris if you have any questions.


ACYPI Sydney Team

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