Perth | WA – A premium food supplier for the future food banquet of Asia

The 29 August 2013 saw Minter Ellison Lawyers’ Diamond Room fill up with eager professionals of all age groups, to listen to the Department of Agriculture and Food Director General Rob Delane deliver a captivating presentation about the current and future vision for the Western Australian agriculture landscape.


Rob presented the group with three future scenarios as part of the Agrifood 2025+: the future WAy vision for Western Australian agriculture. The first scenario, Farm Tech WAy involved the improvement to current techniques by incorporating modern technology into machinery such that it allows owners to operate the farm from the convenience of their home. The second scenario, Gourmet WAy looks at a scenario where the key social dynamic is sustainability and eco awareness. Consumers come to the source of the product, which results in a growth of tourism for the state as people go in search of fresh, local, produce and community collaboration in order to meet the increased demand. The final scenario, Global Supermarket WAy sees the world become one large supermarket where with the click of the button you are able to order Western Australian produce wherever you are in the world. Rob mentioned that the vision for Western Australia for 2025 incorporates all three scenarios, as one would not work well without the others. All scenarios highlighted Western Australia as a premium food supplier for the future food banquet of Asia.


Following the presentation, there was an abundance of questions from the audience targeting issues on sustainability, biosecurity, food quality, Australia – China agribusiness opportunities, technology innovation and reliability.


The night successfully concluded with networking over light refreshments, supported by Minter Ellison Lawyers.



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